Accounting for financial transactions, forecasting and management of the profitable component of the marketplace.
Transparent conditions and accounting for financial relations with the marketplace.
Opportunities for your supplier:
Service for managing settlements between the marketplace and the merchant (supplier).
The tariff plan is the conditions under which the merchant works with your marketplace.

It includes commissions that are charged to the merchant after the order is fulfilled. You can specify a different commission for the product category, subcategory, as well as the Category/Subcategory + Brand combination.

Marketplace can create any number of tariff plans.
Work with merchants on subscription terms
Manage the conditions under which merchants work with the marketplace.
Process order commission (Withholding – Write-off – Return of Commission) according to the order status
Create an account to replenish the balance
Export transaction reports
System of notifications to merchants after account replenishment, write-off of fines, balance status below the set value, etc.
Ability to write off fines from the insurance account of the merchant, without limiting their ability to sell their goods in the showcase
Billing Scallium can work in both the subscription and COD model. Provides real-time data for the finance department of the marketplace or merchant.
Product Information Management — система управления данными о товарах
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