What Is E-Commerce Marketplace?

It is a general concept that includes all existing types of sites for online trading. Despite the difference in how these platforms work, they have some common features. One of them is the ability to carry out payments with bank cards and virtual accounts. For individuals, it is payment by filling out the appropriate form with the payment card details. Legal entities usually pay using invoices issued to the company. Let's briefly consider the main models of online platforms for commercial activities.
What marketplace models are there?
There are 4 fundamental models built on the relationship between consumers and businesses in different variations.
Let's consider them in more detail:
Business to business (B2B)
Trade relations between business representatives. Wholesale offers and commercial services are often placed on such sites. The owners of these marketplaces provide extensive customer support in technical aspects and partnerships with large logistics companies.
Business to consumer (B2C)
Small-scale commerce focused on offering business to consumers. It includes retail and small wholesale, usually from 10 product units. B2C platforms include offering products and services to customers. They also contain hundreds of sellers of similar products, creating healthy competition and providing buyers with the illusion of choice. The administration of B2C platforms offers customers favorable terms of logistics services, positively affecting the delivery cost of commodity units to the end consumer.
Consumer to consumer (C2C)
A classic digital market example. Trade relationships are established between consumers. Usually, used goods and various services are offered on such sites, sometimes even work openings. The negative aspects of these platforms include plenty of unscrupulous merchants and inadequate price tags for some groups of second-hand goods. The administration enters into partnerships with local logistics companies, which affects the delivery cost and the percentage received from each sale.

Consumer to business (C2B)
A relatively new system of relationships in which a consumer provides services or products to a business. Mostly, it is a native brand advertisement or work with the target audience of the company. The types of product relationships include the creation of personalized content for businesses. Usually, C2B sites are platforms for placing affiliate programs where affiliate marketing services are bought.
Key differences between types of marketplaces
Briefly about the main. B2C are platforms for retail sales to consumers. B2B means trade between business representatives, excluding work with retail and small wholesale. C2C are the spiritual heirs of eBay, created for trade and exchange between ordinary users. In recent years, small merchants have been trying to get into these marketplaces, positively affecting price dynamics. C2B is a new kind of trading platform where consumers provide their services and goods to businesses.
How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Business
Customer focus is a critical factor when choosing a platform for your business. If a company is interested in working with large volumes of goods, there is nothing better than a B2B model. Commerce in consumer products automatically places the entrepreneur on the B2C platform. To start a merchant career, a C2C marketplace is ideal, with the lowest prices for publishing advertisements and offers, and the percentage of deductions for the sale is minimal here. C2B is suitable for industry experts, bloggers, and public figures with a developed personal brand.

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