The Biggest Ukrainian DIY Retailer Created Its Marketplace With The Scallium Platform — FORBES
Forbes Ukraine published a story about the biggest Ukrainian DIY retailer. The company Epicentr launched its own marketplace Epicentr M, which is constructed on the Scallium platform.
On May 11 the Ukrainian edition of FORBES published an article on the development of the Epicentr company. The feature story examines the history of the company from the creation of the Epicentr-Agro holding to the launching of the marketplace on the Scallium platform in 2020.
"Why does a retailer with such a huge assortment of products need a marketplace? To increase it, even more", says Andrey Pavlenko, CEO of Scallium.

According to Mr. Pavlenko, the retailer is rapidly gaining momentum: if at the start there were 1 million products in the assortment, now it is already almost 1.5 million goods.

Andrey Pavlenko
CEO Scallium
"The marketplace is the only direction to become a serious player in e-commerce," says Forbes speaker Sergey Kuzmenko, co-founder of Promobill, a digital marketing agency.

Epicentr did not introduce an innovative business format, but for the company itself, according to Mr. Kuzmenko's analysis, the launching of their own marketplace is a real breakthrough. "Opening even a non-innovative store-based marketplace takes an incredible amount of resources," he explains. It is easier to create any digital product from scratch than to transform the company, and Epicentr has made titanic efforts to do this.

The company managed to overcome the competition between offline and online divisions, which is standard for large trading corporations, says Mr. Pavlenko. "Now everyone is working together, this gives a great impetus to development," he states.
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Company info: Epicentr K (Ukrainian: Епіцентр К, Epitsentr K) is a national chain of stores in Ukraine that specializes in home improvement and gardening. The company is one of the first in Ukraine to introduce a chain of home improvement stores and has successfully expanded across the country over the last decade.

At the beginning of 2021, the trade chain of this retailer included 64 Epicenter trade centers.

Currently, Epicentr K is very similar to many stores in the United States such as Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards. By the degree of impact on the national economy, Epicentr-K group of companies may be compared with Walmart, the giant of American retail.
Company info: The Scallium platform is a comprehensive solution for process automation in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. One of our public case studies was for the development of a marketplace for LEROY MERLIN in Russia in 2017. Scallium also created b2b marketplace - HUBBER. This is the largest platform for suppliers and online stores in the Commonwealth of Independent States.