How Much Does PIM Software Cost?

What does PIM cost?The price of PIM software depends on many parameters. These include the number of commodity items, the complexity of the functionality, and the number of connected users and linked cards. This also includes the type of software solution, the need to adapt it to ERP, and other corporate software.
Commodity items
If a small number of commodity items are placed in the supplier's database on any e-commerce site, they can also be edited manually. But what if there are more than 20,000 of these positions? This is where PIM comes to the rescue, embedded in the distributor's system. The integration is paid; the price also includes the cost of information exchange between ERP and PIM. Usually, it is negotiated with the outsourcing IT company in advance and depends on the type of solution chosen by the customer. The boxed version costs less than a customized package of essential features.

The price gap may occur if a bundled product includes a set of basic tools, and an individual one is developed according to the needs of customers, which means that it requires additional investments.
Number of functions and tools
The set of functions directly depends on the model of the software product, boxed or custom. The first includes standard tools for everyday use, such as a database, content storage, or editing programs. The second has advanced features tailored to the needs of the business. Each tool must be created from scratch, implemented, and integrated with the customer's business systems to create a seamless program.

It also applies to highly specialized functions. For example, MDM (module for configuring product parameters) is developed, implemented, and associated with each product group separately. Multimedia storage requires special attention and is created based on the main functionality. All this affects the price of the final product, which is formed by contractors, depending on the specifics of business tasks, the characteristics of corporate ERP, and the internal pricing policy of the service provider.
The number of places for data output
The more cards you plan to edit simultaneously, the higher the PIM price because the creation and integration of communication channels also require financial investments. For example, if a product is placed on one site, development is carried out purposefully. But if on two or more, a universal tool must be created to allow you to edit the data output channels manually.

Sure, in this case, the price rises because complex decisions are more difficult to implement. Moreover, if we talk about a batch set of tools, this functionality has already been partially implemented.
Number of Users
The users of PIM are the people who will work with it. Let's start with the fact that access to the database and MDM needs to be differentiated. It is necessary to control the editing of important parameters and values. For example, you provide access to editing MDM to a simple manager who is responsible only for a product on a specific site. But they can accidentally (or deliberately) replace the critical value in the master file, and you will have to edit the entire file, spending your time and effort.

The number of users plays a vital role in pricing, as creating a multi-layered system with access levels is a rather complicated process. However, IT companies can easily implement this mechanic.

How much will it cost to include PIM?Here are collected only the primary and generally accepted criteria that directly or indirectly affect the cost of creating, adapting, and integrating PIM with other corporate software.

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