Is PIM Software Worth the Cost?

If you need a reliable tool to manage thousands of products, then yes, definitely worth it. The proposed set of functions will simplify the work with content and save time for working with data. We have already answered the question, what does PIM cost, and now we will consider at what stages these costs are formed and why you cannot avoid them.
The development of any IT-related product begins with an analysis. The market of offers, available solutions, capabilities of the customer's company, and its ERP system are being studied. In addition, the staff is checked for knowledge of the principles of working with the target software. If any parameter does not meet the standards, IT specialists adjust it, which entails additional costs.

So, the analysis allows you to identify and eliminate problem areas even before the start of coding. For this reason, partnering with an IT company is more profitable than hiring a personal PIM implementation consultant.
At the approval stage, the primary price list is formed according to the obtained analytical data. At this stage, the customer and the contractor discuss the required functions to implement and clarify the shortcomings and ways to fix them. The IT company will operate following these terms and conditions. As soon as a consensus is reached, the key stage, programming, begins.

A clear list of works should be formed and described in detail in the contract concluded. Then the IT company can start working on software writing, training for employees, and adaptation to the vendor's root business system.
At this stage, the IT company takes over the development of the PIM package. There are serious costs for software development, employee training, and integration with ERP and similar systems. In addition, a separate column in the list of expenses is the creation of a user-friendly UI. As soon as the complex is ready, specialists will install it in the customer's business system.

After successful adaptation, a period of relative calm begins, and the costs are gradually paid off. A properly configured system reduces the time spent editing information by employees by 87%. Productivity is increased, as well as the return on investment.
It is an expensive item on the list of costs, as the license guarantees round-the-clock maintenance and constant system updates to the latest version. Developers value their services quite expensively. So how much will it cost to include PIM? The average price of monthly deductions for using a product ranges from $400 to $900. There is also a one-time annual payment of up to $17,000.

Basically, prices are formed depending on the variability of functionality, the number of users, and the number of cards managers work with. IT service providers often bind licensing prices to the set of tools they sell. The fewer functions were implemented, the lower the license price.

Although the development and implementation of PIM require investments, it pays off quite well. Judge for yourself: PIM tools simplify and speed up the work of every link in the product unit management chain. Loading and editing content is optimized, and technical support is improved. As a result, the number of buyers grows, the turnover of goods increases, which leads to a quick return on PIM costs.

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