What is PIM software used for?

PIM software is used for batch and manual management of data sets in the database. The software connects data in the database and the cards of commodity items, speeding up their editing. First of all, it saves staff time for changing characteristics simultaneously in all related positions.
So what is PIM software?
It is a tool for optimizing the performance of each link in the "manufacturer-seller" chain. The system collects data on commodity items into one or several files, and the values ​​on cards in marketplaces and stores are bound to their fields. Each cell corresponds to the same one on the site. Also, the functionality of this software allows you to manage similar commodity items in a global format. For example, in the section with leather shoes, material and performance characteristics are prescribed for all positions at once. The software reduces errors during manual input to a minimum, and mistakes can be corrected in a few mouse clicks.
Additional PIM Features
In addition to the basic functionality, additional tools such as MDM can be implemented at the customer's request. It allows editing metadata of groups of similar trade items. For example, if a store sells 10 phones with the same processor, you can write this characteristic into the master file instead of editing the information. It will eliminate the need to make permanent edits to the central archive. Classes of devices or objects and their common features, body materials, general specifications, etc., are also written here.

The convenient content storage is another helpful feature. By collecting pictures, video, and 3D visualizations into a single structure, the system allows you to assign the corresponding multimedia cards to product items without wasting time. Thanks to the structured storage, finding the materials you need takes a few moments.
What else is PIM good for?
There is such a thing as "supplier (manufacturer) discount". It may be difficult to edit each price separately. This is where PIM comes to the rescue, as this tool was created to edit all possible information about commodity items. In addition to characteristics and descriptions, you can also add a cell with a price here.

The PIM functionality is also suitable for creating regional prices and descriptions because the system has the ability to create translations for all product groups. The same with the price: depending on the region, it can fluctuate, and the program organizes it and assigns local pricing formulas both for groups and for individual types of commodity items.

In addition to filling the cells with personalized data, the program allows you to store archived copies of all types of commodity items. Delimited access of personnel to materials helps to avoid many mistakes, and a convenient search system quickly finds the desired version of the document with reference to a point on the timeline.

To summarize, PIM allows easy and quick creation of item descriptions in e-commerce. Due to its extensive functionality with a large number of additional modules, the system is flexible to configure. It also integrates with any internal company system for seamless access to all tools.

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