Scallium 1.17 Release: Fast Go-To-Market for All Platform Members

The Scallium developers presented platform updates. Each new release in the current and next year comes out every 1.5 months with functional upgrades and new connectors to marketplaces in the CIS, Europe, and the USA.
The 1.17 Scallium Release presentation was attended live by Scallium clients. They could ask questions directly to developers and comment on the relevance of the new functionality for their businesses.

Here are the tools that were updated in August 2021.
We've expanded our delivery management tools.
Integration with the logistics operator DPD has been implemented.
A merchant sets enabled delivery methods for his offer. For example, the seller establishes that item "A" can be delivered to the buyer by a courier, or self-pickup, or partner delivery service.
A marketplace sets who is responsible for delivering to the buyer - its own service or the merchants.
Scallium Release 1.17 August 2021
Also, the Scallium developers have added the possibility of closed merchants registration. In this case, a merchant does not receive access to the personal account immediately but waits for the moderation of the online store's marketplace administrator.

We made the updating of prices and stock balances more functional and convenient. Now merchants can upload a file with a product ID, price, and stock balance to the system without mapping attributes, in contrast to the primary import of goods. This feature speeds up the updating process.

Another helpful update is an offer linking to a specific sales channel. For example, a merchant can indicate that a price or promo offer is relevant only for marketplace A, and another offer is valid for marketplace B.

The Scallium developer team has implemented the functionality of bulk conversion of merchant goods into reference product cards. Other suppliers can use an existing brand reference card by adding only their unique price offer. This tool reduces the cost of product content creation and accelerates the process.

Also, we have improved working tools with dynamic product photos. Now the system adjusts the photos uploaded by merchants to the size recommended by marketplace.

We are always ready to provide you with an individual demonstration of the updated platform's functionality! If you want to profit more from Scaling-up your e-commerce business, write us a message.
Company info: The Scallium platform is a comprehensive solution for process automation in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. One of our public case studies was for the development of a marketplace for LEROY MERLIN in 2017. Scallium also created B2B marketplace - HUBBER. This is the largest platform for suppliers and online stores in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
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