Scallium Release 1.20: What's New In The Platform

The presentation of Scallium Release 1.20 was organized in the traditional format of dialogue with clients. Below are some notable updates we've delivered in the last release:

Google Sheets

Developers added functionality for working with Google Sheets. We found that the user frequently uploads data from the Scallium platform to the Google Sheets, edits products attributes in Google Sheets, then uploads the finished document back to the system. To simplify the bulk creation and editing of attribute values, as well as significantly save users' time, we have integrated the functionality of Google Sheets into the platform, and now you can edit any attribute without leaving the Scallium platform.

Shopify Integration

In this release, the integration with Shopify has been completed. Now you can work with the channel in a two-way format: not only upload your goods into the channel but also receive information about orders in return.


Developers added automatic barcode generation for an offer. This is necessary to identify the merchant's specific products in the marketplace warehouse.

Payment systems

We simplified the system's capabilities to integrate the client's marketplace with any popular card payment system.


We also simplified the work with logistics services. When an order is created in the platform, a default volume weight is generated. This is the amount of space occupied on logistic transport. A user had to change the default volume weight every time. The updated functionality allows us to do this faster due to the fact that when we add weight, width, length for each product, the system generates the dimensions of this product accurately.

Several more improvements for a better user experience

  • Required characteristics added in each set of attributes.
  • Added hints to the merchant of the correct set of attributes when creating a product card.
  • You can set a different commission for different goods within the same merchant and the same category. Previously, the commission was charged for the entire category.
  • We simplified the work with the Truck Consignment Note. Now all information from the order is transferred to the logistic invoice, and the data does not need to be re-entered.
Each new Scallium release is published every 6 weeks with new features and connectors to European and American marketplaces.
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