Who can help build a marketplace platform?

When the decision on the launch and the type of the marketplace model have been made, the last unresolved question remains: who will develop the e-commerce platform? Freelancers or an outsourcing company? Or maybe it is better to hire IT specialists and create it on your own? Let's figure it out.
Freelance Developers
This is a medium-cost option for developing a platform for direct contact between suppliers and consumers. When using the services of freelancers, it is worth considering the peculiarities of their services. Most often, independent developers cannot guarantee the timely start of the project and implement all the required functions. But the indisputable advantage is the price, which is lower than that of specialized companies.
Advantages of working with freelancers:
Low cost of services
Agreement on the terms and conditions of work
The rating system of freelance resources
Selection of a contractor from hundreds of developers
Direct communication
The disadvantages include:
Low level of involvement in the project
Lack of long-term prospects for working relationships
High risk of failure
Delays and inconsistencies in work
Freelance development does not belong to professional services. To create a high-quality product, you need a whole team of programmers and testers who deeply understand the specifics of online projects and deliver work on time. Freelancing is ideal if you have a very limited budget to launch an e-commerce platform.
In-house development team
It is the most expensive option on the list, but it has a lot of advantages. For example, the staff will support the project throughout the entire life cycle, update the platform, add new functionality, and optimize it. However, the more IT specialists are hired, the more expensive it will be to maintain. In this situation, a more budgetary compromise is to create and launch a marketplace on your own and outsource the support.
Advantages of internal development:
Constant control over the process
Prompt corrections
High level of involvement of performers
Support throughout the entire life cycle
Development flexibility
High cost
The need to maintain staff after the release of the product
This solution is suitable for those who can afford an additional cost. Despite the high cost of keeping a team of specialists, it has an undeniable advantage: the performers are always at hand, which means that changes and updates to the technical part of the platform can be made in a short time.
Outsourcing development company
A compromise solution that allows you to kill two birds with one stone. Usually, contractor companies are professionals who have released more than one project. Their prices are not too high and depend on the specifics of the functionality. Working with outsourcing companies ensures that the order will be completed on time, and your project will be supported throughout the entire life cycle for a reasonable fee.
Advantages of working with specialized companies:
Medium prices
Quality of execution
Development flexibility
Variability of implemented functionality
Long-term product support
Difficulties in choosing a worthy contractor
Time to make edits and updates to the system
It is the most versatile option for everyone. The development of marketplaces by outsourcing companies does not significantly increase the budget but provides a high-quality product and further support.

Selecting a contractor for a project is a rather challenging task. The decisive factor in choosing between outsourcing performers and in-house staff is the price. It is a purely individual issue that may be resolved by the customer company, relying on financial capabilities and the tasks for the project.

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