Create Your Own Marketplace
IT-solution for e-commerce scaling
Scallium is a modern solution for all
business models

B2B dealer platform
Solution for both, importers and producers. Managing
effectively wholesale sales through a dealer network.
Enterprise solution
B2B suppliers platform
Solution for effective collaboration with suppliers trough a
single account under your business management.
Enterprise solution
B2C retail marketplace
Our complex marketplace includes online showcase and unique single system for managing orders providers and content.
Enterprise or PaaS
Unique platform solution
Providers Management and
Partners communication System
Inventory cards and Showcase synchronization Management System
Order Control, Administration and
Statuses Management System
Reporting, Monitoring and Global Platform inside Analytics System
Merchant Administration System
Product Information Management
Reporting and Analytics
Order Management System
Marketplace Management System
The major core of the platform, other modules can be easily connected to. Managing of the marketplace is inside the platform
Connect your showcase with platform for managing of the
content and reports in single interface
Scallium helps to improve your business
Save costs for content
maintenance. Work with ready one, find it directly on a showcase.
Assimilate your collaboration between partners and customers through a single marketplace system
Focus on marketing. We will deal with the rest. Create your own Marketplace!
— While launching the Marketplace we were happy to collaborate with Scallium team on a tough way from designing project to creating a fully-complexed system.

We have absolutely no doubts that our project team will help you to
master our product and compete on the market.
by Andrey Chechin
Ex-CEO Leroy Merlin Market
Successful launching of Leroy Merlin Market
On a turn-key basis. For 3 months only.
Are you interested?
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Meet our team
We are a team of IT-specialists and e-commerce professionals who mix knowledge and experience with enthusiasm and passion.
Andrii Pavlenko
CEO Scallium
Serhii Titok
Kyiv/Europe Office
Eugen Solovijov
Moscow/Russia Office
Alex Karmazin
Europe Office