What is PIM in project management?

The PIM system is an essential part of project management. The system's capabilities allow solving any issues connected with document management and quickly achieving the planned business results. First of all, PIM enables you to work with documentation and reports more efficiently and better organize the company's data exchange.
What are the benefits of PIM for projects?
One of the advantages of PIM is minimizing the influence of the human factor on workflow organization. Thanks to PIM, you can work with a huge plenty of files and documents, organize them, and manage the authority of each user group to the database. It reduces errors in files and organizes the data, bringing it to a logically ordered form.
What is the function of PIM in project management?
It structures all files, categorizes them, and establishes informational relationships.
Prescribes metadata in each document, which significantly speeds up the search for the necessary information.
Keeps a changelog, saving data before each file edit so that you can compare text and numbers in different versions of a document at any time. 
Backs up the entire database according to the schedule, protecting information from accidental deletion.
Manages the access of employees based on the authorizations set in the system.
Checks the work of users, controls their actions related to editing documents.
Records file versions, which allows you to request the version that was relevant at a particular time.
How Does PIM Benefit an Enterprise?
Thanks to PIM, there is no need to have a physical archive of documents. The system reduces paperwork by 90%. All this is realized through cloud storage, where a complete enterprise database is stored on dedicated servers. Since it is stored in an encrypted form, it is impossible to gain access without personal decryption keys. It ensures the confidentiality of information because the differentiation of access for employees forms a structured archive, which is difficult to crack, even with direct access to the physical storage.
What else does the system do?
In addition to managing access to data and reducing paper documents in the enterprise, the system optimizes the work of all personnel. The ability to access necessary data at any time increases work efficiency and simplifies approval of changes in documents and collection of signatures of responsible persons. It also optimizes document search and obtaining changed data by the corresponding persons.

In general, the PIM system makes the work of all parts of the enterprise easier. From a simple manager to a director of an organization, everyone has access to documents in real-time. Thanks to the storage of information on dedicated secure servers, no one will access documents except employees. Finally, well-structured archives allow you to find information in a specific file from past years in a matter of minutes.

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